School Council

Mithra central school School Council
A school council comprising of the following is formed for the smooth running of the institution

  1. Chair person
  2. Principal
  3. Physical Education Teacher
  4. Class Teachers
  5. House Patrons
  6. Head Boy
  7. Head Girl
  8. House Captains
  9. Class Leaders

Head Boy & Head Girl

Head boy and Head girl are selected from among the pupils of class (IX) & (X). The selection is based on allround merit, behavior and performance.

House system

In order to develop a healthy competitive spirit and a sense of social attitude, the pupils are divided in to FOUR HOUSES named after Four Great Rivers viz-l.Ganga 2. Yamuna 3. Narmada and 4. Kaveri

House Patrons

A Teacher will be named as the PATRON of each of the Houses. The House patron will guide and help the house in preparing for various inter – House competitions. House patron will always be in touch with the House captain and the members of their respective Houses.

House Captains

Each House is led by a student captain and vice captain under the guidence of patrons. The House captains are selected from among the pupils belonging to the respective Houses. They should be mode! pupils who will be respect and will inspire the members of their respective houses.

Responsibility of Houses

House carries out the following responsibilities

  1. Conduct of Assembly
  2. Publication of House magazine
  3. Maintenance of cleanliness of school premises
  4. Maintenance of Discipline
  5. Conduct of CCE

following are the activities of the daily Morning Assembly

  1. Prayer
  2. National Pledge
  3. Thought for the day
  4. News of the day
  5. Speech
  6. Quiz
  7. Recitation
  8. National Anthem

House magazine is a medium of expression of the literary talents of the students. Drawing, Painting, Poems, short stories, articles etc contributed by the students are published in the House magazine.

Competition in all co-curricular activities are held inter house. Besides awarding prizes to the winning students, credit is awarded to the House. Depending up on the total credit won by the Houses throughout the academic year, the best House is awarded a trophy for the year. Marks are awarded for the following.

  1. Assembly
  2. Magazine
  3. Co – curricular activities
  4. Discipline
  5. Maintenance of cleanliness.
  6. Overall performance