Co Curicular Activities

Activities in sports and Games

The following are provided

Boys Girls
1. Volley ball 1. Volleyball
2. Foot ball 2. Basket ball
3. Cricket 3. Ball Badminton
4.  Basket ball 4. Throw Ball
5. Ball Badminton 5. Soft Ball
6. Javelin Throw 6. Skip & Rope
7. Shotput 7. Shotput
8.  Kho-Kho 8. Javelin Throw
9. Carroms 9. Tenni coit
10. Judo 10. Carroms

All pupils of class V and above one to take part in school Games between 3.35 and 5 pm twice a week

Inter House competitions in all Games & Athletics and sports will be con­ducted to Juniors, sub Juniors, Seniors, Kiddies and Infants grouped students ac­cording to age and ability. Inter school competitions will be held in all Games and Athletic.

Clubs and Associations:

The Following clubs function under guidance of Expert teacher

1.          Physical & Health Education Club

2.          First Aid & Social Service Club

3.          Literary & Creative Club

4.          Scientific & Maths Club

5.          Music & Aesthetic Club

6.          Guidance & Counseling Club

7.          Nature and Environment Club

8.          Sports Club

Creative Activities:

Each House is turn presents a creativity programme before the Whole school! students will get opportunities to develop their talents.

Debates & Quiz:

Class and Inter – House Debates and Quiz will be periodically held. Pupils are trained in extempore speeches, elocutions and recitations in classes. These arc held in three languages taught (English, Hindi & Malayalam)

Educational Visit:

All classes will be taken out an excursions to places of historical and geo­graphical interest. Out door camps and indoor camps will be arranged to develop their personality. The pupils will have to spend for themselves for trips and camps.

Mass P-T & Drill:

One period per week is set apart for mass Drill and PT and one period for Health and Physical education. Inter – House PT & Drill competitions are held annu­ally.

Annual Sports & Arts :

Inier – House competitions in all Sports and Arts will be conducted to Junior. Sub junior, Seniors Kiddies and infants. Sports champion for boys and girls Kalaprathibha for Arts Competition will be Selected among the Participants to cal­culate their points.