About School

A word about this school

Mithra central school is better than the best educational institution with a noble mission, committed to social and economic uplift of the Rural society through education. The school is located at mithra nagar an educational complex established by the Mithn Vidyalaya Educational Charitable Trust. It is on the side of Patharam Malumel Road and 2 Km west of Patharam Junction.

our mission is…….

1.   To ensure all round development of each pupil of the school

2.   To Provide all Possibilities for a child to learn, develop and enhance the talents.

3.   To Promote the children to good communication skills, proficient in English, good scientific acumen, socially sensitive, ability to think logically.

4.   To inculcate the healthy relationship, life skills, attitudes and values, development of emotional management skills, physical and mental health.

5.   To adopts a child friendly approach and atmosphere.

Aims and Objectives

Mithra central school is Managed by mithra vidyalaya educational charitable trust kollam (Registered under S.R.A 1955 (XII) Reg.No.Q. 486/2000,12(AA). 80 G (V)of) INCOMETAX ACT which aims at….

1.   Organizing developments programmes all over India irrespective of consideration of sex, caste, creed, sect, religion and race with a view to ensuring voluntary and effec­tive participation of people with charitable purpose.

2.   Executing programmes of academic, managerial, cultural and social man power committed to national goals and values.

3.   Starting of educational institutions for spreading formal, nonformal, in formal and technical system of education, explaining the role of science and technology in social development.    .

4.   Starting special education centres for the development of poor and marginalized dis­abled children and dedicated to empowering children with special needs and prepar­ing the world to appreciate children with special needs.

5.   Supporting services for the development of poor and marginalized children, adoles­cent boys and girls and empowerment of rural women to help themselves to com­plete their education and achieve economic self sufficiency through empowerment skills.

first step towards these goals the…MVEACS started this CBSE school at patharam sooranadu south, kollam, economically and socially backward rural area of kollam district.

Schooling doesn’t mean the discipline of academic subjects alone. The aim of education is not the acquisition of information, although important or acquisition of tech­nical skills through essential in modem society, but the development of that bent of mind that attitude of reason, that spirit of democracy which will make us responsible citizens. This institution will strive to produce perfect world citizens as envisaged by the Great Teacher Dr. S.Radhakrishnan. Mithra Central School Affiliated to CBSE Delhi with Code No: 930779.

Aims and Scope

Mtthra belter than best school in kunnathoor thaluk, Kollam district – Kerala. Mithra Central School provide quality education for children of rural area under CBSE syllabus and curriculum to improve their talents in arts and sports to develop their total personality and thus to enable them to achieve the best of future through proper education.